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Access Panels Direct Offer Extension

Friday, August 24th, 2012

So the weather hasn’t improved but at least it stayed reasonable for the Olympic Games. Now for the Paralympics lets hope we can give them all the backing we gave Team GB. With all the extra sport this summer bringing with it a certain “feel good factor” we have decided to extend our special accesspanelsdirect “feel good” offer of 10% discount off three sizes of access panels. 550×550** 600×900** 1200×600** In metal door picture frame, metal door beaded frame and plasterboard door beaded frame, fire rated and non fire rated.

These are suitable for use in a ceiling or a wall, no need for 2 types. All our fire rated accesspanels are tested and approved for use as 1 hour rated in a ceiling and 2 hour rated in a wall.

So whatever your access needs are we can “fill you in” and at a reduced rate until the end of September 2012. Why not visit our website again and if you need more details our specification sheets are downloadable. Or just call the Access Panels Direct office where we are only too happy to help. Requests for special access panels is rising with demand for stainless steel panels on the increase for shower areas, swimming pools and areas where they may come into contact with water spray.

Our Standard panels with a powder coated finish are shower proof only and for cleaning purposes only need to be wiped over with a damp cloth, if a stainless steel panel is chosen with a brushed finish then cleaning has to be with specialised cleaners suitable for stainless steel only.


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